Greg Bye


Sydney-based, location sound

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About me

I am a Sydney-based Sound Recordist with over a decade of experience both locally and internationally. I work with major networks, production houses, creative agencies and corporates to produce an array of renowned TV shows, feature films and captivating digital content.

If you're seeking a friendly and professional sound recordist who can consistently deliver audio excellence, and add depth and dimension to every project, look no further.

My toolkit

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Zaxcom Nova

  • A complete sound solution with in-built mixer, recorder ZaxNet remote control and wireless receiver slots


  • Zaxcom URX50 (5)
  • Zaxcom ERX (4)

Radio mics

  • Zaxcom ZMT4 (4)
  • Zaxcom ZMT3 (1)
  • Zaxcom TRXLA3 (2)
  • Zaxcom 742 (1)

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  • Dpa 4017B Boom
  • Dpa 6060 Lavalier (5)
  • Dpa 4060 Lavalier (2)
  • Dpa 4097 Plant mic
  • Sennheiser 416 Boom
  • Sennheiser Ambieo VR Mic
  • Rode NTG Boom
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Links & Receivers

  • Zaxcom CL900 Transmitter
  • Zaxcom RX200 Receiver
  • Zaxcom QRX235 Receiver

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  • Ambient timecode slate
  • Tentacle sync (2)
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  • Straps
  • Stands
  • Trolley
  • Headphones

Some of my work

Nine Network

Married At First Sight s1-8

WWOS 2007-Present

Today Show 2007-present

A Current Affair 2007-present


Wellmania 2022

Love On The Spectrum S1 and 2


BBC Sport

Football Focus

6 Nations Rugby

Premier League

All 2003-2005

7 Network

Home and Away 2021-Present

My Kitchen Rules s1-5

Border Security s10-15

The Morning Show 2010-present

Sunrise 2010-present

Extreme Weddings s1-2

Ten Network

The Dog House s1-2

The Batchelor s7 and S10

Shark Tank S4

Ch10 News 2005-2008


Sydney's Super Tunnel 2020

Bushfires- Inside The Inferno 2014

Traveler's Guide to the Planets 2010

SBS News 2005-2010

SBS Sport 2005-2010

Fox Sports

Fox Sports

The Golf Show



All 2010-Present


Love Triangle S2

Last King of the Cross 2022


4 corners 2008-2010

ABC News 2005-2010

7.30 Report 2005-2010

Spawn Squad 2022-23

Freemantle Media

Restoration Australia

Grand Designs


Amazing Race Asia s1-4

Reach Out

to Me

Social media





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